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The Savior Squad


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Here, you'll find all member's base origins. For more in-depth origins, visit Glitch Girl's Freedom Fortress

The Silver Panther:
Late in the night, John Jackson slipped out of bed, and into his closet. Using incredibly advanced technology he'd paid for, he donned a steel suit attached with the most basic of weapons, an oddly shaped throwing knife. Into the streets he dived, to try out first hand fighting crime. However, as he soon ran into a gang of thugs, his suit alone proved less that useful. Suddenly, a beam of Energy X descended from the sky, multiplying his strength many times. He quickly defeated the thugs and returned home, only to leave nights afterwards to fight crime as The Silver Panther!
Alchemiss whined. She was giving birth, and the father was now somewhere withing the realms of time itself. As the baby came, however, she noticed a rune on her forehead, glowing silver. Regardless, she loved and raised the baby with all her might, for her whole life. As the baby grew into a young woman, she discovered her limited powers included time control! She donned a suit and then vowed to protect humanity alongside the Savior Squad as Rune, named after the glowing symbol on her forehead that bestowed her very powers.
Late in the night, a perculiar man ran through the streets of Patriot Town. Not actually a man, but an alien castaway, he searched for someone to protect him. Suddenly, an all-too familiar beam of light flashed in the sky and granted him with the powers he'd always deaded. Reaching a respectable establishment of Justice, he joined the Savior Squad under the name Repel, after the matter-repelling beams of energy he now shot out of his hands.
At school, a young boy sat with his friends and played. Unfortunately, a schoolyard bully soon arrived, demanding lunch money. When the boy stood up to defy him, warning the bully not to lay on him a finger, the muscular juvenile lunged. The boy's reflexes, upon feeling the assault, caused him to spin around and break the bully's arm. Running away from his distressed friends, he sought refuge from his powers in the Savior Squad's headquarters, donning a costume and the name Reflex.

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