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The Savior Squad
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The Savior Squad of Patriot Town is a small, four-person group of Energy X enhanced heroes that protect their hometown from the treacherous villians that befall it, as well as the Indespensible Eight's bumbling mistakes.

Our Mission

Their members now include four, with the recent addition of Reflex.

The other, founding members are The Silver Panther, Rune, and Repel; a.k.a. Jake Jackson, Allison Larchmont-Price, and Glyt'oxx Welling.


Organization News

The team's leader, The Silver Panther, has now gone into league seprately with Silent Scout. Although he sees a lot of promise in his new partnership, he will continue to guide the squad and offer them his services in battle when ever possible.

Becoming a Member

This site is posted and maintained by yours truly, Repel. Using a special supercomputer modified to fit my powers, I'm able to rattle out thousands of lines of code per minute, thanks to my mind's connections to my antimatter.

Mailing Address:

At the moment, the squad as elected not to post any sort of contact information, for fear of rogue hackers.